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Vito Acconci - The Bristol Project, (45:00) 2001

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 From the labyrinth beyond time and space, seeks his way out to a clearing.

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"To all appearances, the artist acts like a mediumistic being who, from the labyrinth beyond time and space, seeks his way out to a clearing."

- Marcel Duchamp

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"Nobody Likes Me" by Canadian street artist Iheart.

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Perloo | Perceptor

Abandon your assumptions. Solve a series of mind-bending challenges. Shake off the lethargy and find your way to the true world.

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Vidéo sur la petite histoire des stations de métro fantômes parisiennes,

réalisée par deux jeunes étudiants (2012) dans le cadre de la licence Etudes visuelles, multimédia et Arts numériques à l’Université Paris-Est Marne la Vallée.

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Nathalie Kosciusk-Morizet, mayoral candidate for Paris, has revealed her proposal for plans to transform some of the city’s abandoned subway stations or “ghost stations” into entertainment venues for the locals and tourists.

Paris architect Manal Rachdi and architectural planner Nicolas Laisné designed several projects that will help Parisians reclaim these abandoned spaces and put them to good use.

If elected, Kosciusk-Morizet also plans to launch a co-creation platform to encourage Parisians to submit their own proposals for the underground spaces.

Source: PSFK and NKM

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Map of the internet 1.0 By Jay Jason Simons

First version of the Map of the Internet. This is definitely not the final version, incredible amount of websites and software companies are not on the map and will be incorporated in later updates.

Map of the Internet - First of its kind on such a scale, this map aims for succesful compendation of The Internet to scale suitable for standartized online navigation. This project is still underway, new versions of this map will be available in ulterior months. 
Due to the immense size of the Net, only a miniscule portion of it was chosen to represent it on the map.  Otherwise, this map would be unreadable and probably undrawable in entire lifespan of average human being. 
This poster includes one full map of the internet, 4 minimaps showcasing NSA surveillance, most used social networks, most used internet browser, and worldwide internet penetration, list of Alexa Top 500 websites, quick timeline of the Internet History, top software companies and much more!

P.S. if you are asking, misspelling of “bussiness ocean” is actually intended. One of the many inside jokes on the map.

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Where Film Marries Video Game

A documentary in the form of an interactive video game, “Fort McMoney” chronicles life in Fort McMurray, Alberta, a Canadian oil industry boomtown.

While filming a documentary about divisive oil refinery ventures in the subzero cold of Fort McMurray, Alberta, the director David Dufresne said he wasn’t considering only pollution in that Canadian boomtown or the vast tar sands beneath its frozen ground. He was also thinking deeply about technology, about making a new kind of hybrid media, a docugame.


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Earlier this year, a minor injury to my right eye left me temporarily blind. I could do little but sit in bed and listen to audio books, until someone told me about the video game BlindSide, which doesn’t, in fact, contain any video. It is a meticulously designed, audio-driven thriller that is entirely devoid of graphics.


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